Health & Safety

We're the UK's number one company for health and safety.
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Safety Never Stops


Mount Anvil is about world class health and safety, that never stops. It's built into our culture, into everything we do and every decision we make.

Our number one business goal, above profit, sales or delivery targets, is for a world-class health and safety culture. Every person has the right to expect to get home safely each night from our developments. This world class culture will lead to a successful business, a business where there is no likelihood of a serious accident.

We want to share our passion for health and safety and our construction expertise with as many people as possible. To help achieve this we launched Futures Foundry from Mount Anvil — a training and community hub at The Silk District in Whitechapel, which will give 1,000 Londoners the chance to have exposure to health and safety skills and construction-related jobs from logistics, to first aid courses, to fire warden training and much more.

The UK's Number one company for Health and Safety


In 2018 we were named by the British Safety Council as the UK's number one company for health and safety across any sector, for a fifth consecutive year.

They gave us a five-star rating with an audit score of 99.96% - the highest awarded by the British Safety Council this year. We have also been awarded two Sword of Honours - a global award recognising health and safety excellence, as well as two Globe of Honours - recognising our environmental work.

Read our interview with Health and Safety Director, Simon Walker, to find out more

Watch our video case study, developed with the Health and Safety Executive, telling the story of how we deliver health and safety excellence.


The often forgotten part of health and safety, is health. We focus just as much on that too and employ a full-time, on-site Occupational Health Coach who visits all our sites, educates our employees and provides free medicals for Mount Anvil staff and subcontractors. Just like our approach to safety, it's about going beyond systems and procedures, supporting proactive health management and improving the health culture over the long-term.

We also run a number of physical and mental health initiatives:

  • Money Doctor workshops help our people manage their finances better, relieve some of money worries and stress, and support their peace of mind and mental health.
  • The ‘Phone Home’ initiative provides on-site teams with tools that allow easier contact with their families from work, including dedicated booths, free Skype stations and free Wi-Fi.
  • Our partnership with FitBit has allowed us to roll out sports watches to all our people. We’re also making fitness more fun by gamifying results and awarding the most active steppers every month.

Doing the right thing


We don't just follow the basic standards. We go above and beyond. 

Our approach to health and safety is driven by our respect for people and our desire to do the right thing. Our vision is for a world-class health and safety culture and we approach health in the same innovative, values-driven way that we approach safety.

“Mount Anvil is an exemplar organisation in respect to health and safety management – in the UK and internationally. They are dedicated to world-class health and safety.”

Joscelyne Shaw, Policy Director, British Safety Council


Read our full Occupational Health Policy for more information or download a copy of our latest Environmental and Sustainability Policy Statement.