History and Experience

We’ve been creating homes in London for nearly 30 years – more than 5,500 of them built, and more than 3,500 in the pipeline. Mount Anvil homes are part of the city’s fabric.

Finding the best London locations


We focus on the most desirable locations, work with internationally-acclaimed architects and search the world for the best materials - all to create homes which add to London’s world-class reputation. 

The Mount Anvil brand has been built and nurtured for nearly 30 years. Our brand is recognised around the world and is synonymous with quality. 

With a focus on leaving a positive, lasting legacy, each of our developments is individualised to ensure it fits within its community and target audience. 

A truly owner-managed business


We operate an integrated model, acting both as developer and contractor on all our projects – ensuring we control every detail and create homes of real quality. 

It is an approach driven by our engaged, positive, proactive people, 70% of who are shareholders in our company. Mount Anvil is a truly owner-managed business.

Our people have a stake in its long-term success, which means they take pride in what we do and how we do it; going above and beyond the call of duty to deliver exceptional homes and communities.



A track record of successful partnerships


Repeat partnership working is what we pride ourselves on. When your partners want to work with you again, it speaks volumes. Along with the 18 deals we’ve done with Ares Management, we’re proud of our repeat joint ventures with A2Dominion, Clarion Housing Group and One Housing Group.

Seven years. Nine partners. 18 schemes.

In 2016, we delivered £43m profit for our partners. In the next 5 years, we will deliver over £260m in partner profit. The majority of this profit is recycled back into affordable housing.

We deliver results. Consistently.

The results are clear


  • Developments that people are proud to live in, work in and have in their communities
  • Five consecutive years as the UK's Number One Company for health and safety
  • 11 years in a row as a Sunday Times Best 100 Small Companies to Work For
  • Sunday Times 100 Best Companies 2016 Special Award - Giving Something Back


Total revenue from development activities for Mount Anvil and its partners:

  • 2016 - £251 million
  • 2015 - £297 million
  • 2014 - £161 million
  • 2013 - £122 million
  • 2012 - £234 million

Financial History


2016 highlights:

  • Continued our track record of consistent profitability, generating a total profit of £55 million - £43 million of this for our joint-venture partners
  • Turnover of £198 million (2015: £252.1 million)
  • Substantially increased net cash to £19.9 million (2015: £1.3 million)
  • Significantly reduced external debt to £25 million (2015: £31.4 million)
  • Three-year average return on shareholders’ funds of 40% p/a
  • Average selling price of £877,000 (2015: £867,000)
  • Value of pipeline of £0.9 billion (2015: £1.1 billion) on currently owned developments; additional potential development value of £1.25 billion exchanged on since year end
  • Net Assets of £70 million as at 31 December 2016 (projected c. £100m by 2020)


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