It may be cold outside, but Spring is upon us. We catch up with Pandora Taylor, Interior Designer, to get her take on what’s hot and what’s not this S/S19

Hi Pandora, have you always wanted to be an interior designer?

Funnily enough, when I was younger I don’t think I was really aware that being an interior designer was a job. However, from a very young age I was always really interested in homes, I would cut out images from The Sunday Times Home section and stick them in a scrap book. When I first started in the interior design industry it felt like this was what I was always supposed to do.

What does a day in the working life of Pandora typically look like?

The best thing about interior design is that every day can be completely different, although having said that, the day must 100% always start with a cup of tea! Some days I'll be scouring antiques dealers all day looking for the perfect chair or lamp, other days I'll be drawing up bathroom designs on CAD. I like this balance of design and technical as you get to both your left and right brain busy.

How do you stay up-to-date with the latest trends?

I do read a lot of design magazines which are a great tool to find new suppliers and up and coming crafts people. However, whilst we are all affected by the latest trends in some way or another, the most important thing in design is to find objects, colours and fabrics that you fall in love with, whether they be in trend or not. 


How would you incorporate 2019’s Pantone colour of the year into an existing scheme?

This years colour of the year, Living Coral, is quite a bold shade and so I can’t see it being used as the main colour in a scheme but more as a fun accent. It would be a great colour to use when up-cycling old timber chairs or side tables, something that brings a pop of colour to the room but doesn’t dominate it. We feature this colour in our Royal Docks West showhomes.



What would you say your top four Spring/Summer interior trends are?

  1. Curved or asymmetric furniture - For so long furniture has been quite angular and I think people are starting to play with set ideas of form and shape. 
  2. Colourful bathrooms - Watermonopoly are really leading the way for colourful sanitaryware with their beautiful range of pastel colours. People who still remember the avocado phase might welcome this design trend less than others!
  3. Lighter kitchens - for the past couple of years dark blues and greens have dominated the kitchen cabinet scene, but now I think people are looking for something fresher and brighter, I have seen quite a few pale blue kitchens recently. 
  4. Recycled plastic - there are more and more designers looking to this eco friendly material and the creations I have seen so far have been bold and colourful, a great statement piece to have in the home. 

You’ve been fantastic at incorporating heritage and history into the designs at Hampstead Manor. What advice would you give to others looking to do the same?

I think interiors always work best when they reflect the history of the building and the experiences of the owner. Don’t be afraid to combine ages and styles of furniture, it's these juxtapositions that create the story of who you are and where you’ve been. Re-upholstering old chairs is also a great way of getting creative and using a more adventurous fabric you might be too afraid to use on larger pieces.  

What do you think makes a house a home?

I think it touches on what I said above, there are certain houses you walk into and you feel an immediate connection, like that lovely phrase, it ‘makes you feel at home’. In my experience these houses have always been filled with beautiful objects and books, and crammed with furniture that has clearly been collected over time, and you can see the home owner in every single one. Houses that are filled with beautiful but impersonal items can often feel sterile and soulless. 

What would you say should be the number one design staple in the home?

Although not terribly exciting, I would have to say a really comfy sofa. After a long day I love to flop down on the sofa and have a bit of down time before cooking supper. A good sofa should give you that same snug feeling as when you get into bed, which is what you really want to do but you can’t as it’s only 7pm!

Finally, what makes you proud?

Without doubt the proudest moment is getting good feedback from your client. To know that you have taken their brief and created something they love is very rewarding. 

If you enjoyed reading about the latest interior trends and want to find out how Pandora Taylor can turn your home into a show home visit her website for more info or have a look at our homes for inspiration. 

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