As the days get longer and the summer nights draw ever closer - now is the perfect time to transform your outdoor space


All you need to know is where to start. We ask Leonnie, designer at award-winning interior design consultancy, Suna for her top five tips.

Leonnie Whitehead, creative designer at interior design consultancy, Suna, is an expert in creating fresh, contemporary interiors and exterior. So, whether a terrace or a balcony transform it into your summer sanctuary with these top five tips. 

•    Greenery is key, especially in urban homes. Adding a feature green wall or a variety of overflowing planters will give life to your outdoor space and the sense of being in your very own oasis in the city.

•    Make sure you have somewhere comfortable to relax. A big cosy sofa or an armchair that you can spend hours lounging in. Consider your terrace as an extension of your living room rather than an afterthought. 

•    Add atmospheric lighting to your terrace in the form of oversized lanterns, candles or wall lights. This will help create an enchanting environment to sit out and enjoy the long summer nights. 

•    Grow your own mini urban garden. If you can, find a space to plant herbs or even a few vegetables. There's something very satisfying about going out onto the balcony to pick your own herbs whilst cooking! This also encourages you to get outside regularly to keep them watered.

•    Featuring a large mirror is the perfect way to add another dimension to your outdoor area and reflect the light back into your indoor space. The bigger, the better!


If you want more information on getting a readymade Sumray Row home complete with transformed terrace by Leonnie at Suna, view available homes here.


Our top Five landscapers at Hampstead Manor


Given the sites special nature status, the emphasis is very much on ecology, and balanced with heritage appearance. So we’ve picked out a few of our favourite planters good for the wildlife.



bloom in spring where
there’s little else in flower.
They have a sweet but spicy fragrance,
and make an excellent cut flower.
Pollinators such as bumblebees benefit
from the pollen and nectar they
provide early in the year.


Buxus sempervirens
also known as
Common box, is a vigorous, evergreen,
upright shrub or small tree. Ideal for
hedging or screening and it can be
closely clipped into different shapes.

Syringa vulgaris_Primrose lilac.jpg

Syringa vulgaris ‘Primrose’
known as Lilacs are classic garden
shrubs bearing clusters of fragrant,
tubular flowers in late-spring to
early summer. A large lilac, it’s
most suitable for growing at the back
of a mixed herbaceous border. 



Lavandula stoechas
more commonly
known as French Lavender. Its one
of the most popular small garden
shurbs. Easy to grow, with aromatic
evergreen leaves and dense spikes
of small tubular flowers in summer.


Viburnum opulus
, also known as the
guelder rose is a hardy, vigorous
native shrub suited to growing in
woodland gardens or a shrub border.
Looks great most of the year round,
bearing large, lacecap-like, white
flowers from late spring to early
summer, followed by bunches of small,
bright red, fleshy fruit in autumn.