Leading the way

Mount Anvil is one of just 11 companies worldwide to win the ‘double’ Sword of Honour and Globe of Honour. This follows a five-star rating and the highest audit score the British Safety Council has issued to any company in their Occupational Health & Safety Audit, for the fourth consecutive year. Read more below.

The British Safety Council’s Five Star Occupational Health & Safety Audit is a detailed evaluation of an organisation’s Health & Safety management systems. We received five stars, with the highest score, across all sectors, of 99.93%. It is the fourth consecutive year in which we have continued to raise the bar and highlights our continued commitment to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our people in the workplace. Auditor Jerry Henderson-Newton commented: "I have never in 28 years of Health and Safety practice seen as high a standard as that witnessed throughout Mount Anvil’s undertakings".

Mount Anvil has also won two Swords of Honour and two Globes of Honour for Hampstead Manor and for Royal Docks West. This brings us to a total of seven Swords of Honour and five Globes of Honour gained over the years. They are awarded to organisations that have demonstrated excellence in the management of health, safety and environmental risks.

Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, said: “I would like to congratulate Mount Anvil and their staff for their huge commitment to keeping their workplaces safe and healthy and minimising risks to the environment from their day-to-day activities”.

Simon Walker, Mount Anvil’s Director of Health & Safety, commented: “This is a testament to the exemplar Health & Safety standards and culture we strive for at Mount Anvil. The audit is not limited to construction, but is international and across all sectors. To achieve such a high score, benchmarked against multi-billion turnover companies, is a massive achievement”.

Find out more about our Health and Safety culture at the Health, Safety and Environment portal and explore our accredited training courses available through the Mount Anvil Centre of Excellence.