Hygge: Making Your Mount Anvil Home into a Winter Wonderland

As the days get shorter, the nights get colder and winter really begins to take hold, ‘hygge’ is hot news in the world of interior design. But what does it mean, and how can you bring a little hygge into your home this winter? Read on to find out.

With the dark, frosty mornings now a regular fixture and the nights drawing in, it seems that winter has well and truly arrived in London. The push and pace of life in the city can be as exhausting as it is exhilarating, and with the Christmas crowds making life feel even busier, and the temperature dropping by the day, it's easy to see why 93% of people say winter isn't their favourite season.
We see things differently at Mount Anvil. The colder and more hectic winter in London gets, the more opportunity there is to make your home an immersive sanctuary of calm and warmth. That's the thinking behind 'hygge', an interior design and lifestyle concept that started in Denmark (the happiest country on earth) but is gaining real ground worldwide. There's no direct English translation, but it's centred on the idea of tranquillity, comfort and cosiness. It's a concept that starts at home, so let's take a look at how you can bring a little hygge into your Mount Anvil property this winter.

Bring the outdoors indoors: Create an instant sense of rest and revitalisation by bringing the textures of the outdoors indoors. The natural, tactile warmth of timber, stone and plants can immediately soften your home’s atmosphere. Opt for wooden furniture over plastic or metal frames, woollen throws and rugs over synthetic materials, and use tall houseplants to break up sharp corners and trailing plants to soften ceiling lines.

Lighting matters: Overhead lighting is perfect for functional daytime use, but as the dark of the evening draws in opt for mellower, less directed light. Low-level, cosy lamplight can help to create inviting, enveloping living spaces. For a truly hygge escape from the chill and dark of outside, opt for trailing festoon lights and the flickering warmth of candles - the perfect way to transform your crisp, contemporary apartment into a winter wonderland.    

Furniture: Hygge is about more than just warm lighting - it's about clean, uncomplicated lines and the sense of home that only comes with the personal touch. Across our developments Mount Anvil's calming, neutral palettes provide settings for existing furniture, items with personal history, and crisp, unobtrusive Scandinavian pieces to create airy, organic-feeling living spaces. Wooden furniture and white or light-coloured soft furnishings will complement your beautiful appliances and finishes in timber and polished plaster, making your home feel welcoming, restful and quietly sumptuous.

Accessorise: Enveloping and comfortable, hygge is about being indulgent without being flashy. Choose quality over quantity when it comes to dressing your home – a few choice artworks and objects, deliberately and carefully placed, offset with some low-maintenance displays of dried flowers and foliage. Less is definitely more here, and it’s not about impressing anyone or having anything to prove – it’s just about creating your London home your way.    

Beyond interior design: Hygge is more than just an interior design style – it's a way of living. Be kinder to yourself, and make time to slow things down a little. Make a mug of something hot, curl up in your favourite chair and soak up your apartment's ever-changing views over the city or the river. Invite friends over, turn your phone off and immerse yourself in an evening of warm light and warmer conversation. Take a long bath instead of a quick shower. Enjoy the comfort and calmness of your own piece of London.

Hygge is a year-round philosophy, but in the dark and chilly winter months it really comes into its own. It may start with making your home feel warmer and more welcoming, but it’s as much about a state of mind as it is about design. With just a few changes your Mount Anvil home can create a calm, welcoming and revitalised mindset that you take out into the city with you. Suddenly the winter is looking a lot warmer.