The Launch of Our New Health, Safety & Environment Portal

We recently launched Mount Anvil’s Health, Safety and Environment portal, a new website containing a wealth of information about our commitment to creating safe, healthy and sustainable environments for people to live and work in. Read more below.

As the UK’s number one company for Health and Safety, Mount Anvil is committed to creating a business where there is no likelihood of a serious accident. It’s a commitment that has led to an unprecedented British Safety Council audit score of 99.93%, two Swords of Honour and a number of other awards. Our environmental vision is no less ambitious – we are constantly working to create a business that not only safeguards the environments that it works in, but actively enhances them. These are commitments that we have learned from, and that have honed processes and best practices across the organisation.

The new website ( contains a wealth of information about our policies and people, our world-class Health and Safety culture in practice, environmental initiatives, external recognition and more. Along with health advice and targeted campaigns from our full-time Health & Wellbeing Coach Joanna Rogers, it promises to prove invaluable to stakeholders, subcontractors, and customers interested in the people and processes behind their award-winning homes.

As Health and Safety Director Simon Walker says, “We are delighted to launch Mount Anvil’s HSE page, demonstrating our commitments to Health, Safety and the Environment. We are proud to be recognised for our achievements and look forward to using the site to share what we have learnt and implemented with the industry.”

It’s one more resource helping us to raise the bar in the construction industry, and to lead the way in the wider corporate landscape. To browse the Health, Safety and Environment portal visit the homepage now. For more information on Mount Anvil’s proactive, engaging Health and Safety culture read our interview with Director Simon Walker.