Old Street, New School - Lesson #2

After a brilliant first lesson, we're excited to announce the return of Old Street New School - The Eagle's free after hours curriculum in modern living.

Join us from 18:30 on Thursday 27th February for Lesson 2: ‘Old Street, New Who’. Once again, London's classiest classmates will be treated to a session led by The School of Life - this time writer, fashion stylist and counsellor David Waters will be front and centre, with a lesson all about connections and relationships. 

David has been the Associate Style Editor of Men’s Health magazine since 2007, and at TSOL he teaches classes on conversation, confidence, relationships, love, aloneness and death and is also their Relationship MOT therapist. You couldn't be in better hands.

After David's lesson, you'll get the chance to make some new connections in our interactive Speed Chat' session - a quick-fire round of getting to know your classmates that will be as fun as it is informative.

Our last lesson, ‘Old Street, New You’, filled our marketing suite and left it abuzz with discussion after a great talk and great juices courtesy of Elephant Juice.Check out the video now.

Make sure you're not late for class. Enrol for Lesson 2 'Old Street, New Who' today, or visit the Old Street, New School lesson series page to sign-up for notifications about our monthly events as they are announced.