Why Buy Vauxhall? Transformation

Vauxhall is being restored to the living town centre it once was offering new walkways lined with shops, galleries and public places for people to enjoy. Read more and watch the fifth episode of our video series online.

Vauxhall is at the heart of one of Europe’s most ambitious regeneration and development projects acting as a gateway to prime central London. The redevelopment of areas including New Covent Garden Market and Battersea Power Station will see an influx of high quality new retail and leisure facilities while elsewhere, new cultural destinations, community facilities and more than half a million square metres of new business space will be created.

Vauxhall’s regeneration has already seen new points of interest arriving in the area such as the popular Newport Street Gallery, Tom Hix restaurant and the new Covent Garden market. The area will see the move of the American and Dutch Embassies with expected completion in 2017. It’s the birth of a new central London neighbourhood, with Vauxhall is at its heart.

Look back to chapters onetwothree and four in our video series ‘Why Buy Vauxhall’ to find out more reasons to invest in this thriving central London neighbourhood and how you can find your home in this gateway to the City.


Be part of London’s most exciting renaissance. Keybridge puts you in the heart of a new neighbourhood where fresh, new businesses are choosing to locate all the time. With notable developments nearby, a new generation has made their home in a thriving area, make it yours too.

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Check back next week for chapter six in our seven-part series: 'Why Buy Vauxhall?'.