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The collective spirit of Hampstead is hard to miss. It’s a suburb historically coveted by creative pioneers, writers, artists and intellectuals. It’s all of their stories and more. It is a meeting of the creative and the constant, the voguish and the antique. In NW3 you would expect nothing less.   

Andy Theodorou - Fishmonger

Since 1989. I always wanted to have a shop here because it seemed to me
the ideal place to have a fish shop or a butchers or a greengrocers – things that are now seen as specialist trades and that you see increasingly rarely in their own premises, are still here in Hampstead.


What are the qualities of the area that you most cherish?
That I have so many regular customers on first-name terms. That I’ll go and eat at a pub like the King William IV and they will be serving my fish. New customers seem to be very health conscious and are always asking my advice, and I’ll tell them straight – that red snappers are a bit bland, or that Pollock is overrated.
That John Dory might be ugly to look at, but is incredibly delicious.


Favourite corner of NW3?
Downshire Hill is lovely to drive down early in the morning on a delivery. There’s a gate at the end that goes onto Parliament Hill, like it’s a back garden.

Florian Leonhard - Luthier

How long have you been in Hampstead?

Since 1993, but I had wanted to live here for decades. It is the best place in the world for me: a village, within close vicinity to the London classical music world. Just 15 minutes away from the heart of one of the world’s most important capital cities.

What are the qualities of the area that you most cherish?
I travel a lot. New York, Shanghai…all the most exciting cities. And then back to Hampstead and that calm residential feeling. The incomparable sense of living on a hill. Favourite corner of NW3? Church Row – the painter Constable is buried there. If the street was empty of cars, it would feel like a film set from the 17th century. The joy of walking along it! I love that I can walk to the heath almost without having to be on any streets where you can drive – just cobbled walkways running along gardens between houses.

Raymond Simonson - Chief Executive, JW3

How long have you been in Hampstead?
Two and a half years, our centre is a place where people can engage in arts and culture to broaden their education and Jewish values, but also a place of  community and charity. Hampstead is uniquely situated - halfway between the centre of town, and the traditional Jewish suburbs of Finchley and Golders Green. We have world-famous  schools and venues here – it’s a hub…that still feels residential. And also the gateway to the north of the country. It’s exciting.

What are the qualities of the area that you most cherish?
Here there is a true vibrancy. When I walk along the High Street I feel like it’s a sunny day. People say hello here. They care hugely about their community, getting very involved in everything from super-cycle highways to schools.

Favourite corner of NW3?
A place very close to my heart will always be the Royal Free Hospital. Both my children were born there and the staff were brilliant.

A Unique Development in London's Greenest Suburb

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