In the unfortunate event that you find yourself with a home emergency, we provide a 24 hour, 365 day service.  We aim to respond within two hours and will arrange a callout where appropriate. Details of what we class as an emergency can be found below.

In An Emergency

Our emergency customer experience team is equipped to help you with any critical situation covered in the list below:

  • No hot water or heating
  • A water leak that is causing damage or getting into an electrical fitting
  • No electricity
  • Blocked drains causing overflowing internally or externally
  • Toilet blocked or not flushing (if there is only one in the home)
  • Broken lock on a window, door or garage door meaning the property is not secure
  • A roof leak (storm damage will be covered by your insurer)

If we decide that your problem falls outside of these criteria, please be aware that you might be charged for callouts and / or repairs.

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